The Big Trek

Scheduled Departure Dates: 

1st December - 19th December 2022

1st January - 19th January 2023

1st February - 19th February 2023

1st March - 19th March 2023

1st April - 19th April 2023

1st May - 19th May 2023

1st June - 19th June 2023

1st July - 19th July 2023

1st August - 19th August 2023

1st September - 19th September 2023

1st October - 19th October 2023

1st November - 19th November 2023

1st December - 19th December 2023


US$4,705 Per person


1              City tour

2              Ngong hills

3              Kijabe hill

4              Kijabe hill

5              Kereita forest

6              Sleeping worrior

7              Table Mountain Elentaita

8              Travel to Kitale

9              Mount Elgon

10           Mount Elgon

11           Mount Elgon Summit

12           Mount Elgon – Nanyuki

13           Mount Kenya

14           Mount Kenya

15           Mount Kenya

16           Mount Kenya

17           Mount Kenya

18           Nanyuki – Nairobi

19           Nairobi – Flight back home

The big trek will take you across Kenya’s beautiful landscapes, giving you a rich and authentic Kenya-African experience. 6 journeys through 5 counties… Nairobi- Kiambu- Kajiado- Nakuru- Laikipia and Trans-nzoia.


Day 1 – The City Tour

This is a welcome tour in Nairobi; you will visit will take the Giraffe Center- its Giraffe Sanctuary that houses young abandoned giraffes and breeds endangered species. Next to the David Sheldrick Elephant Center that takes care of orphaned young elephants. You will have a chance to see them fed with milk. Later in the evening it is time for a beautiful sunset over Nairobi at KICC Helipad view point. This is how we end the day as we prepare to hit the road into the wild.

Day 2 – Ngong Hills Trail Distance; 16Km Time; 4-5 hours

The seven hills that is Ngong hills is a true charm and if you truly indulge she will have an iron grip on you for the rest of your life. It’s the story of many who have experienced her and have come to identify this beauty. She is picturesque, she knows herself, her worth, she is not here to impress she is here to be. Beyond the huge wind turbines that dot the hills she offers herself to you up & down the valleys, you feel the breeze, and all through on either side of the path a lush green forest with over growths you have not seen in a while, at each top of the hills is an out this world view of the city to the East, on a clear day toward Kona Baridi you could easily spot Mt. Kilimanjaro to the south. But it’s the view of Maasai wilderness that will blow your mind, as far as your eyes can see, Ngong hills has just what the Doctor ordered for your optical nutrition. As that is not enough to the north a perfect view of Ole Seyat and Oleseikut Hills part of the Olo Oroka ranges. To the west Mt. Suswa stands tall and the further west you can locate Mt. Longonot, this is Ngong hills at her best laying the Rift valley code down for you. We end the hike at PEC camp site at the floor of the Hills along Magadi Road, 6 Km from Kiserian town.

Day 3 – 4 – Kijabe Hill – Distance; 17km Walking Duration: 6-7 hours

This is the never-ending staircase challenge, the false peaks games at its best. We start off near the Mai-Mahiu Vumilia I.D.P Camp, taking every flight of the natural staircase in pride blessed by the beauty that is Mt. Longonot from behind. It’s Kenton Hill snaking our way up enjoying nature’s beauty with awe. We go further up seeking more horizons and our efforts are rewarded with better views to the right Mt. Margret and Williams Hills and if it’s a clear day our eyes should see as far as Ngong Hills and Mt. Suswa. At the summit of the Kenton Hill, we have 360 degrees views from the Aberdares to lake Naivasha to Mt. Longonot to Mt. Suswa…it’s all yours to take in. We go down aiming for the railway that slice the hill in two halves. We follow the rails for about 45 minutes then off down before reaching to the hot springs and to the tunnel commonly known as in local language as ‘Kamungu ka Nduma’ (the tunnel of darkness). If there will be no running water participants can try exploring the tunnel and therefore a flashlight will be of help. From the tunnel, the trek leads us to Kiharu one of the many hills of Kinale forest. The ascent is steady and moderate which takes about one hour to one and a half to the top at an altitude of close to 2600m ASL through the cypress plantation. From here we trek for about 45mins to Soko Mjinga towards the ending point Soko Mjinga near the Flyover shopping centre. We board a vehicle at Soko Mjinga to kereita where we camp at the highest point in the forest with views of Nairobi City at night and amazing views of Mt. Kenya in the morning.

Day 5 – The following day explore Kereita forest by going caving and water fall chasing; the forest is also home to the longest ziplines in East Africa – Afternoon Travel Day to Elementaita

Day 6 – Sleeping Warrior – Trail Distance; 18km Time; 6-7 hours.

Lets go awaken the Warrior!!! and walk the shores of the pink lake as you take in the sights and sounds, Stand on the chest of the warrior and explore the beauty that is Elementaita. Located adjacent to Lake Elementaita, and approximate 140 Km from Nairobi, the sleeping warrior hill is a mimic of sleeping Maasai Warrior and noticeably the peak or the summit that resembles his nose from a distance. The locals associate the hill with a Masai Oloibon (Chief) who died long time ago. The trail starts from Lake Elementaita main gate and runs along the shores of the lake to the hot springs where locals and visitors take a bath as the water is believed to have a healing effect on one’s skin. It then proceeds towards the base of the Sleeping warrior before leading to a sharp ascent to the nose (peak) which provides a mesmerizing view of the lake and the caldera. The trail then descends towards the Eastern side for a short trek through rocky volcanic rocks before turning into a steep climb to the Ugali hill. At the top of the hill provides a panoramic view of the lake and beautiful landscape of the rift valley. The trail then descends to lead towards a dirt road that leads to the ending point which is the Nairobi Nakuru highway. The walk gives the trekkers an opportunity to view wildlife, birds and a scenic view of the lake Elementaita and beautiful landscapes we later camp by the lake for a restful evening.

Day 7 – Table Mountain Elementaita – Trail Distance; 20km Time; 6- 7hours

The table mountain as the locals call it, is a stand -alone hill located along the scarps of the Great Rift Valley in a small portion of forest called Maji moto. The trek starts from the main Nairobi/Nakuru highway at the Lake Elementaita main gate and heads eastwards making a moderate climb towards a sharp hill. It then proceeds to make a gentle drop before making another sharp ascent to the table hill. The table hill offers a good vantage point for the beautiful land scape of the Great Rift Valley including the Lake Elementaita, Sleeping warrior, and the Aberdares among other features. Interestingly for those who will make it to the table hill, there is only one entry point which also serves as the exit, if you miss the exit you are trapped on top just like the maze game. Done with the hill, the trek takes you through a gentle drop through Maji moto forest to a splendid hot springs that supplies water to the neighboring community. At this point, you get an opportunity to have a hot bath that have a healing effect to your skin. Finally, the trek descends towards the floor of the Rift Valley so as to end at the Kariandusi pre- historic site, where you get the opportunity to learn about fossils of animals and plants which are between 700,000 to 1 million years of age. We camp by the lake pink lake- Lake Elementaita.

Day 8- Travel to Kitale  and on to Mt. Elgon National park and spend the night there at the gate.  Mt. Elgon 4 Days Trek Untamed Wilderness, Secluded Splendor

Once the highest mountain in Africa, the longest caldera in the world is to be found here, high in the mist-wreathed hills of western Kenya is a towering volcanic giant, crowned by a vast caldera etched by glacial tarns, honeycombed by labyrinthine caves, fissured by valleys and cascaded by streams. The untamed wilderness will welcome you into a compound dotted with wildlife at the gate. This is Mt. Elgon National Park -Chorlim Gate!!!

Day 9 – Distance 12Km,

Mt. Elgon National Park- Chorlim Gate liaise with our contacts at the gate. Travel to Suam Uganda border point to have our passports stamped. We start the hike at midday following the road that coils all the way to the base of the Road End base camp; we walk through a dense forest with diverse indigenous trees and myriad of bird life. After 30 minutes trek we branch out of the main road to allow us to explore the Endebess Bluff that is visible from the Mt. Elgon Lodge. It’s the first steep incline of the day. At the top of the bluff we can take in the breathtaking views and for the first the views of vast land belonging ARC, KARI and Kenya Seed Company spread across to touch Kitale town. The surface at the top of the bluff is a picnic haven for day trippers. After some rest we snake through the dense Forest to Mutamaiyu campsite for an overnight stay at 2800 M ASL

Day 10 – Distance 18km;

We start early to cover the distance and have some rest in the evening. We are beginning to exit the rain forest and welcoming the moorland vegetation. The peak is partially visible depending on the section of the terrain. From Mutamaiyu campsite the track to the Road End campsite will follow a rarely used road. The trek reveals the expansive Mt. Elgon the beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, if we are lucky we should spot bush bucks, waterbucks and buffalos on our way up. The day ends at Road end Camp site where we spend the night ready for the summit.

Day 11 – Distance 6km; 3 hours –  Early morning after breakfast it’s time for the summit push the summit push, its 6km from this point which should be approximately 3 hrs to cover, from this point you will be awed by the volcanic rock formations. Finally other than the peak on the Ugandan side which if it’s a clear day we should be able to spot,  you are then standing at the highest point in western Kenya. The Koitobos Peak  at the Alt 4222 meters !!!. We have a well-deserved rest and then head for an overnight stay at Mutamaiyu Campsite.

Day 12 – Distance; 12km- 3 hrs

It’s time to trek down back to the gate, we use a different route to access the salt lick for elephants. Through this route you get to hug the oldest tree probably in Kenya estimated to be 300 years. A few meters from the tree is an elephant path that drops into the salt lick and into the mouth the longest cave in the park. The Kitum Cave!!!. We live our moment at the salt lick if the hosts (Elephants) are not around and then if time allows those interested in going into the caves can venture into it. From the caves it’s a 6km trek to the gate to finish our hike. We pick our transfer vehicle to Kitale and then on ward travel to Nanyuki

Day 13- Travel to Nanyuki for Mt. Kenya Trek  Mt. Kenya Lakes Tour

This is the moment of experiencing the mountain differently, we seek to reach the summits but we also commit to being aware of every moment on the way… we call it connection with self and nature. This is our first journey up the beautiful East African mountain right at the Equator. Mt. Kenya is one of the places every hiker should visit at least once in a lifetime. It offers a wholesome experience of fun, connection and self-discovery; so come with us and create your memories… and live to tell your mountain story! Below is a brief description of the route…

Day 14 – Chogoria/Mount Meru Bandas – Distance; 4hrs, 16km walk, 950m ascent

Meet at Meru Bus Terminal Nairobi at 7am and leave for Chogoria town. At Chogoria an early lunch will be waiting, we enjoy as we chat with our contact team at the base of the mountain. After lunch, take a transfer vehicle to the forest clearance, then 16km up from where the walk starts. We will walk for 8km through the forest along the dirt and sometimes very muddy road for 2hours to reach Chogoria gate (2950m) around 4 pm. We set up our camp at the gate where we will enjoy excellent views of the mountain. If weather allows we will take a walk around the Bandas and we are likely to spot Buffalos, bushbucks and varied bird species. The walk also allows for beautiful views of Mugi and Ithanguni Hills. Later in the evening dinner is served. At night the clearance at the gate also allows for star gazing. A good camera is recommended to capture the moments.

Day 15 – Chogoria Gate Camp- Lake Ellis Camp via Nithi Falls – Distance; 5 hrs, 9km, 450m ascent

After breakfast we start our day the through Hargenia forest and tussock grass. We cross a stream before passing a fisheries station on the right but still under the beautiful Hargenia trees. After an hour on the trails, we enjoy views of Mugi Hill and the Giant Billiard Table. At the Road end camp we stop to grab some snack and then continue down to the magical Nithi falls, we have our moments at the base as we enjoy the drop of every drop. Later we go up and branch to the left to view the caves and a beautiful water cascade another Nithi river tributary. We later head back to Road End camp and on deep into the moorland. After an hour and half we are in view of the beautiful lake Ellis. The Hindu Valley forms a beautiful background for the lake and an amazing reflection carved on the lake in blue and green. Pure magic!!. We settle in and have lunch. Later in the afternoon, we can try our luck at fishing and those still with energies are welcome to summit Mugi Hill… the views at the summit of Mugi Hills are to die for, the main peaks are in full view, Ithanguni is much closer and inviting. The sunset will be awesome here but you may find yourself running back to Lake Ellis because it’s magical… By the lake, we have dinner and take rest.

Day 16 – Lake Ellis Camp to Lake Michaelson Camp – 6 hrs, 11km

It’s a beautiful morning by the lake, be sure to wake up early to catch the sunrise, as the first light hits the undisturbed waters except for trouts in their wake to feed. After breakfast, we follow the track through heather and the golden moorland. After 30 minutes we get to one of the streams that drain into the Nithi falls, we can refill our water bottles here as we take our first water break. From here it’s an uphill task emerging from the valley and behind us bidding Lake Ellis goodbye. After 2-3 hrs up we get to the intersection of the traditional Chogoria route as our path. This will be our Lunch break point. As we enjoy our lunch we now also from this point have a glimpse of Lake Michaelson. After lunch and some good rest, we start again following the main trail up Mintos Camp and then branch off to the left after 20 minutes. From this point it’s all downhill to the camp. The main peaks can be seen from this point and with each step down are better views of the lake as the peaks diminish We have  evening tea and a snack at the lakeside camp. Later we can take a walk around the lake or partly as we watch the sunset…its awesomeness redefined!! We later enjoy dinner as we chat our way into a restful night.

Day 17 – Lake Michaelson Camp (3800m) to Austrian Hut (4600M) – Distance; 5 hrs, 6km

We wake up early to catch the first light on the beautiful lake, we take time to enjoy the morning here and taking in the beauty in awe. After breakfast start our way up by the river that feeds the lake and on our right a monolithic wall of a brown rock stands an impressive 1000ft and forms part of the beautiful Temple Rock formations. Late afternoon we get to Austrian hut, the summit is in sight and so is point Nelion and Batian. We have a restful evening as we prepare for the summit. We have an early evening meal and retire to our beds to catch some sleep.

Day 18 – Austrian Hut to Point Lenana to Old Moses – Leave the Hut at 5.00am aiming for point Lenana, its our final push up to the 3rd highest point in Kenya, arriving at point Lenana at 6:30am and if lucky we watch the spectacle of the sun piercing planet earth, a mother of all sunrises. We take our time to capture our moments here, then we descend to Shipton Camp for breakfast and later continue down to Old Moses Camp through Mackinders Valley. Be sure to look back as you go down this valley, the views of the mountain are amazing. This trek will end at Old Moses Camp, it’s time to celebrate a well-completed tour of the lakes. We then pack our bags, change clothes and board our vehicle for travel back to Nairobi.

Day 19: Transfer to Jomo Kenyatta International for your flight back home




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