Who we are

About Njema Safaris
Njema Safaris Ltd is a leading tour and travel company located in the heart of Nairobi city.
Njema Safaris Ltd is a fully registered and licensed company.
We are approved to take you for best safaris In and out of Kenya under projected values handled with professionalism. All our clients who have tested our services are already convinced and satisfied with our company. For details about how happy our clients, check out our testimonials moderated at Trip advisor.

To build a global network in tourism industry

To create an amazing and everlasting experience for the traveler

Company Values

Sales and Marketing
Njema Safaris Ltd works closely with Kenyan Government, the Association of Kenya Tour operators and Kenya Wildlife Authority in order to guarantee quality service, consistency and flexibility. This company is at the fore front of marketing Kenya and strives to expand its International collaborations.

Management & Staff

Njema Safaris Ltd is managed by a board of trustees that are committed to its progress; Achieve Global Safaris employs 05 permanent workers in positions of Managing Director, Sales Manager, Tour Consultant, Tour Guide and Driver.
Njema Safaris Ltd employees skilled professionals and very Knowledgeable about the tourism industry, environmental conservation and the cultural richness of our great lakes region, Kenya and the world at large.
The experience that we have in this field by our employees gives us a cutting edge over other companies.

Njema Safaris Ltd services include; Travel consultation, Car hire, Company retreats, Air ticketing, Adventure safaris and tailored trips. We promote culture and social sharing trips community and village stays, and work hand in hand with conservation organizations to develop tourism at the lowest village level. We help local communities, to identify critical wildlife, culture, and physical features for purposes of conservation and Tourism.

The future
At Njema Safaris Ltd, we pride ourselves in being original, innovative and creative, especially when it comes to new developments in tourism Industry

Our major objective;
1. Njema Safaris Ltd is a ground operator
As a ground operator, we are able to provide a professional personal service and deal with any problems which may arise during a trip with professionalism and efficiency.

2. Spreading Our Wings
Njema Safaris Ltd focus is on the tour bookings of East Africa, we have been running operations with in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. So we take you where you want with a smile.

As much as we are Tours and Travel Company we are also involved into Charity organization. Some of the revenue we get through our clients is channeled into the help of disadvantaged communities and families.
Although we have sample itineraries and group trips, our speciality is creating custom safaris, listening to what you would like to see and experience during your trip and creating a truly unique experience.
Our in-depth knowledge allows us to take you off the beaten path, to explore the cultures and lands of East Africa and all over the world.

Our Environmental policy
As a tour and travel company, we intend to positively impact the environment. We believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, our employees, the communities we serve, and for the society at large. Njema Safaris Ltd pursues initiatives, provides services, and advocate for policies that raised the bar on environmental stewardship not only for our industry, but Kenya in general. Initiatives at various levels that will help us, our customers and our communities save the environment.

Why Us
The Best Pricing
Njema Safaris Ltd has become known for its excellent service at an affordable price. Today we offer a range of tours to suit all budgets. We also work hand in hand with affordable safaris which we negotiate with partners and you can get a good priced packages.

Assistance is always given to our new clients who always want to travel but without the compulsory documents. For example we give assistance in acquiring and renewing passports, Acquiring VISA and and other travel documents.

Our scope is not limited to Kenya only but to all over the world. Our guiding principle is to work with each client, family and group in an individual way. Our team is open to advice and also advice on your requirements / interests / style of travel (family, group or single, budget, moderate or luxury), time frame and any other factors that would influence your trip-to come up with an itinerary best suited to you, your family or group. Our tours offer the best value for your money.

Peace of mind
We are fully registered company under the Ministry of Tourism with valid licences and certificates which can be traced easily in cases of misunderstandings and doubts as you will find attached knowledge and Experience in the Region.

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